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  Be-Thin Super Lipotropic Complex Sublingual Spray
Be-Thin Lipotropic Complex Sublingual Spray - Weight Loss
Be-Thin Lipotropic Complex

Be-Thin Lipotropic Complex is a caffeine-free methylcobalamin product that allows optimized fat metabolism, transport and conversion into cellular energy.
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Be-Thin Lipotropic Complex is a caffeine-free methylcobalamin product that allows the body to optimized fat metabolism, transport and conversion into cellular energy.

Be-Thin is composed of three main nutrient groups for a healthy metabolism. These important nutrient groups are:

  1. Lipotropic ingredients for the efficient transfer of fats and toxins from the liver.
  2. Vitamin B complex and amino acids necessary for efficient metabolism of fats and carbohydrates into energy.
  3. Super antioxidants to protect the liver and body tissues from free radicals damage.

This combination of ingredients is a natural fat burner that helps increase cellular energy.

Lipotropic ingredients

Lipotropic ingredients aid the liver by dissolving, removing and burning fats for energy. They also help prevent fat deposits in the liver. These events lead to low levels of fat deposits (adipose tissue) in the body. The lipotropic ingredients are:

  1. Betaine: Also called Trimethyl glycine (TMG), is an osmolyte that protects cells under stress, facilitates tissue repair and reduces homocysteine levels. It is also a source of methyl groups, via the methionine cycle, in many key biochemical pathways.
  1. Inositol: Prevents fat infiltration of the liver by the dissolution, transfer and metabolism of liver fat. Inositol is essential for energy production, nerve function and healthy cell growth.
  1. L-Methionine: Helps the body process and eliminate fat. L-Methionine is one of eight essential amino acids, which means that it is an essential building block for proteins and it cannot be produced in the body. It detoxifies, helps to regenerate live cells, repairs and reverses damaged liver cells. L-Methionine is necessary for the production of creatine, a nutrient found in muscle tissue..
  1. Choline: Helps transport fat from the liver. It is a methyl donor and precursor to acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter involved in muscle control, memory, and many other functions. It is necessary for liver regeneration and overall health.

Super Lipotropic Proprietary Blend

Be thin is fortified with our Super Lipotropic Proprietary Blend. This specialty blend contains a powerhouse of super foods including Irvingia Gabonensis Extract (African Mango), Coffee Arabica Extract (Green Coffee Bean), Rubus Idaeus Fruit Extract (Raspberry Ketone), Grape Seed Extract and Pine Bark Extract all of which can have an effect on enzymes that regulate metabolism.

Cellular Energy

The body makes its energy at the cellular level (mitochondria) through the Krebs cycle**. The ingredients in Be-Thin are those that the body uses in its metabolism of energy derived from the Krebs cycle. This scientifically formulated premium blend helps increase the release of energy from food efficiently. The ingredients enable the body to convert fats and carbohydrates into energy. The result is abundant energy with less fatigue and more lean muscle with less fat. Take early in the morning or during the day or before exercise.

** the Krebs cycle is a metabolic pathway that involves the chemical break down of fats, carbohydrates and proteins into carbon dioxide and water to generate usable energy.


As a supplement, take six sprays under the tongue in the morning at breakfast or anytime during the day. This is a one month supply.

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